The Bop It Button 5 Pack (White/Silver)

The Bop It Button 5 Pack (White/Silver)

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Buy 5 and save $15!

The perfect stocking stuffer for all the Bop It lovers in your life!

Bop It fans from the ‘90’s and 2000’s - announcing a new and exciting Bop It game that sits on your desk or table and is filled with your favorite Bop It sounds and phrases from the last 25 years! A 1 BUTTON BOP IT? It looks like the “Easy Button” but it’s anything but easy! It’s a brand new, deceptively challenging,1 button version of the classic that requires intense focus as you try to master multiple levels! 

HOW TO PLAY: Try to obey the commands “Bop It…Don’t Bop It…DO Bop It… Do NOT Bop It”. But beware - as you progress the timing and rhythm changes and your brain is put to the Bop-ultimate test!

PLAY SOLO OR GROUP: Play the fun and intense solo game through 25 levels- or put it in the center of the table and play the fastest Bop It pass-it game ever for up to 10 people!

THE LONGER YOU BOP, THE MORE SOUNDS YOU UNLOCK: Contains over 150 sounds and phrases from 25 years of Bop It! 

THE PERFECT GEN Z DESKTOP DECOR: Display it on your desk to give your room or office a touch of classic 2010 nostalgia! It’s always ready for you to take a quick Bop It Break!

FOR FANS OF ALL AGES AND ABILITIES : It’s the most accessible Bop It ever- the first for those with limited dexterity - recommended for ages 6 and up. 

For every Bop It Button pre-ordered, we will donate one to the San Francisco Lighthouse For The Blind!

Product Description and Instructions:

The product: The Bop It Button is a game played with a single button that challenges a players mental focus and physical reflexes

Object: The object is to follow the audio commands correctly. The commands are Bop It, Don’t Bop It, Do Bop It, Do Not Bop It, Now Bop It. 

The challenge: Players must obey each command with .5 seconds of it finishing no matter how much time elapses between it’s words. (Ex: “Do………..Not Bop It”). If they fail it will play one of 30 classic “fail phrases” from the last 25 years of Bop it.

Levels: The game consists of 25 levels of 100 moves each. At each level new audio clips are unlocked. 

Audio: The audio consists of over 180 sounds and phrases, many of which are from Dan’s favorite archives of the last 25 years of Bop It.

Winning the game: When a player reaches 2500 they win and hear the classic Bop It Siren sound from the OG Bop It. 

Scoring: The player receives one point for each move completed When a player fails, the score is announced. High Score: To hear the high score, hold down the button for 2 seconds. Continue holding to hear the All Time score - the number of total lifetime moves. Continue holding to hear all the audio that has been unlocked. 

25th Anniversary Bonus Edition- Additional Features:

-10 additional Guest Voices

-10 additional unlock phrases 

-BONUS MODE to unlock Timer Mode, Whoopie Cushion Mode, and Advanced Level. 

- Personal congratulatory Inventor’s message if you score 2500 and beat the game!

- Extra large capacitor to retain high score and continuous play even while the batteries are being replaced

- 100% post consumer recycled plastic and packaging

Dimensions: The Bop It Button is 3.5” in Dia and 1.25” tall. Batteries:2 AAA

 *** Button 5-Pack not eligible for further discount/coupons