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Happy 25th B-Day Bop It!

I am happy to share the momentous news that September 27th, 2022 was Bop It's 25th birthday and declared National Bop It Day! We will be celebrating all year with fun events and special projects. To commemorate this milestone I spent the last 2 years independently developing a devious device called The Bop It Button - a brand new, surprisingly challenging, one button Bop It game. It’s dedicated to all the talented people that have been a part of Bop It's success for 25 years, as well as all the fans that have obsessively played it since the 90’s.

Buy One - Donate One!
The best part about the Bop It Button is that when you Bop It, you literally Bop It for Good! For each one ordered we will donate one to San Francisco Lighthouse for the Blind.

After play-testing, if I had to give the Bop It button a rating out of 10, I'd give it an 11. it's exactly what I've wanted from a Bop It in years. Its fun, its adictive, its annoyingly deceptive, its challenging, its funny and it goes past 100!

- Long time Bop It fan

I have no idea why having a small piece of plastic yelling at you to do things is fun and addictive, but it certainly is. Why do I Bop It when it says "Do Not Bop It!" and then it screams at me and rubs it in with "just do what it says!" Love it!

- I need this on my desk

I tried the Bop It Button during Gen Con and played the fast group pass around game. Surprisingly tricky and fun. I am definitely getting one when they come out!

- Gen Con Tester

As a Beta-Tester I was skeptical that a 1 button Bop It would be challenging until it took me 7 tries to get past 30! It definitely looks easier than it is but I'm hooked!

- Bop It Addict

Game Party Pass-It Mode

Items for the Bop It Obsessed

The Bop It Button- Inventor’s 25th Anniversary Bonus Edition
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The Bop It Button 5 Pack (OG Black and Teal)
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World’s Smallest Bop It - Signed by the inventor!
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Partnership with San Francisco Lighthouse for The Blind and Visually Impaired

We are extremely excited to share that this initial launch will benefit San Francisco LightHouse For The Blind and Visually Impaired, a non-profit that promotes the independence, equality and self-reliance of people who are blind or have low vision.  

Bop It is unique as a game that can be played equally well with or without vision, and over the years we’ve often heard stories of how it has helped blind and sighted individuals become instant friends through play.

For every Bop It Button pre-ordered, we will donate one to the San Francisco Lighthouse For The Blind to give to families for the holidays, and to sell in their store to raise money for their world renowned Enchanted Hills Camp for the Blind

The Bop It Button

Thank You Bop It Fans for 25 years!

I had no idea that the quirky game I had invented would go on to be loved, played, spoofed (and sometimes hated!) by millions of people all over the world! I am grateful for what Bop It has given me and for the community it created. So to give back, my wife Alicia and I are launching projects like The Bop It Button designed to use Bop It to support charitable organizations. I'm calling on the entire Bop It Brigade to join us! Please check back here often to see what new things are in store and help us Bop It For Good!

Dan Klitsner

Inventor of Bop It and other annoying toys
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