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Can You Beat the Button?

The Bop It Button

To celebrate the 25th anniversary I’ve created The first ever 1 button Bop It - with only 2 commands - Bop It, or DON’T Bop It! A new, challenging and ridiculous Bop It experience incorporating hundreds of sound clips from a quarter century of Bop Its- from the original to the most recent, plus studio out takes never before heard in any Bop it.
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Bop it is amazingly simple, and frustratingly difficult. Most people who first start to play will find that it is hard just to string together just 4 or 5 "follows". Stick with it though, and you'll move past that and will find yourself addicted to this simple game.

- Geoff

I have no idea why having a small piece of plastic yelling at you to do things in a certain order is fun and addictive, but it totally is. My son got this for Christmas and so far everyone who has played it, from age 7 to 67, has become enthralled by it. Best [...] we spent this holiday season!!

- Holy moly this thing is fun!

Bought this for my nephew. He really enjoyed it and I had a good time playing it with him. It was just as much fun as when I bought it for my kids years ago. This toy/game has withstood the test of time very well. I like that it helps develop quick reflexes as you have fun. I also like that it is something that a pretty wide range of ages can enjoy. I can see this being as much fun at a high school party as at an elementary school party - heck I'm pushing 50 and I still enjoy it.

He really enjoyed it and I had a good time playing it ...

Very fun toy for everyone. We purchased this as a Christmas gift for my 11 year old daughter. She loves it! My family also spent hours playing this. Everyone trying to beat the others scores. Highly recommended and you'll find the best prices here!

Family Fun

Thank You Bop It Fans for 25 years!

I had no idea that the quirky game I had invented would go on to be loved, played, spoofed (and sometimes hated!) by millions of people all over the world! I am grateful for what Bop It has given me and for the community it created. So to give back, my wife Alicia and I are launching projects like The Bop It Button designed to use Bop It to support charitable organizations. I'm calling on the entire Bop It Brigade to join us! Please check back here often to see what new things are in store and help us Bop It For Good!
Dan Klitsner
Inventor of Bop It and other annoying toys

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