The Bop It Button- Inventor’s 25th Anniversary Bonus Edition
The Bop It Button- Inventor’s 25th Anniversary Bonus Edition
Brown craft box that the button comes in. This is the backside and has Mail It! Written on in along with places to write address and return address so it can be mailed directly in the packaging.
The Bop It Button- Inventor’s 25th Anniversary Bonus Edition

The Bop It Button- Inventor’s 25th Anniversary Bonus Edition

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Can You Beat The Button?

A new, challenging and ridiculous Bop It incorporating hundreds of sound clips from a quarter century of Bop Its- from the original to the most recent, plus studio out-takes never before heard in any Bop it. Order in the classic 1997 teal and purple color scheme or the White and Silver from 2008! One of the most devious, challenging and hilarious Bop Its ever! - Perfect for kids and young families because it has only 2 commands - Bop It, or DON’T Bop It! but it will test your attention span like no other!

The perfect stocking stuffer for all the Bop It lovers in your life!

HOW TO PLAY: Try to obey the commands “Bop It…Don’t Bop It…DO Bop It… Do NOT Bop It”. But beware - as you progress the timing and rhythm changes and your brain is put to the Bop-ultimate test!

PLAY SOLO OR GROUP: Play the fun and intense solo game through 25 levels- or put it in the center of the table and play the fastest Bop It pass-it game ever for up to 10 people!

THE LONGER YOU BOP, THE MORE SOUNDS YOU UNLOCK: Contains over 150 sounds and phrases from 25 years of Bop It! 

THE PERFECT GEN Z DESKTOP DECOR: Display it on your desk to give your room or office a touch of classic 2010 nostalgia! It’s always ready for you to take a quick Bop It Break!

FOR FANS OF ALL AGES AND ABILITIES : It’s the most accessible Bop It ever- the first for those with limited dexterity - recommended for ages 6 and up. 

For every Bop It Button pre-ordered, we will donate one to the San Francisco Lighthouse For The Blind!

Product Description and Instructions:

The product: The Bop It Button is a game played with a single button that challenges a players mental focus and physical reflexes

Object: The object is to follow the audio commands correctly. The commands are Bop It, Don’t Bop It, Do Bop It, Do Not Bop It, Now Bop It. 

The challenge: Players must obey each command with .5 seconds of it finishing no matter how much time elapses between it’s words. (Ex: “Do………..Not Bop It”). If they fail it will play one of 30 classic “fail phrases” from the last 25 years of Bop it.

Levels: The game consists of 25 levels of 100 moves each. At each level new audio clips are unlocked. 

Audio: The audio consists of over 180 sounds and phrases, many of which are from Dan’s favorite archives of the last 25 years of Bop It.

Winning the game: When a player reaches 2500 they win and hear the classic Bop It Siren sound from the OG Bop It. 

Scoring: The player receives one point for each move completed When a player fails, the score is announced. High Score: To hear the high score, hold down the button for 2 seconds. Continue holding to hear the All Time score - the number of total lifetime moves. Continue holding to hear all the audio that has been unlocked. 

25th Anniversary Bonus Edition- Additional Features:

-10 additional Guest Voices

-10 additional unlock phrases 

-BONUS MODE to unlock Timer Mode, Whoopie Cushion Mode, and Advanced Level. 

- Personal congratulatory Inventor’s message if you score 2500 and beat the game!

- Extra large capacitor to retain high score and continuous play even while the batteries are being replaced

- 100% post consumer recycled plastic and packaging

Dimensions: The Bop It Button is 3.5” in Dia and 1.25” tall. Batteries:2 AAA

 *** Button 5-Pack not eligible for further discount/coupons